Friday, 8 March 2013

Which is bigger? (Lynette)

The answer will always depend on the value of n as 5n can be equal, more or less than n^2

Basically, 5n = 5*n wheres n^2 = n*n.

So, if n=3, 5n will be greater than n^2 as 5n = 5*3 which is 15. However, n^2 is 3*3 which is equal to 9. Therefore, 5n will be > n^2.

However, if n=5: 5n=n^2. This is because 5n= 5*5 which is 25. n^2=5*5 which is also 25.

Lastly, if n=10: 5n < n^2. This is because 5n will be 5*10 which is 50 whereas n^2=10*10 which is 100.

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