Sunday, 17 March 2013

Keeping Stock and March Holiday

Hi S1-04

The March break has just begin! It is important for all to take the well deserved break and as well as to take things into perspective. It has been a term since you have been in SST - kudos to all for doing a great job.
Take time to be with your family and friends - spend time with them.

In addition to that there are several things to accomplish in the March Vacation, and you will find most of the materials in the GoogleSite > Mathematics site

(1) Performance Task - Viva Voce 
  • This is going to constitute to 5% of your overall Summative Assessment results.
  • Refer to GoogleSite > Mathematics site > Performance Tasks (left panel).
  • This is similar to the Viva Voce Practice that we did.
  • You may go through the questions and attempt your choice question on paper first.
  • Try to do the recording after Monday, when I would be able to provide you feedback to your practice so that you can avoid what you should not do.
  • Note the deadline of the task.
(2) Vacation Engagement
You will be learning a sub-topic on your own during the March Vacation - Introduction to Data Handling.
  • Refer to  GoogleSite > Mathematics site > Vacation Engagement
  • It is a revisit of the what you learnt in primary school.
  • You will be using resources mostly from the AceLearning and attempting exercises at the Maths Blog or GoogleForm.
  • There is a set of homework questions from the Maths Workbook.
  • Note the deadline of the task.
(3) Common Test in Term 2 Week 6
The topics are already listed in the GoogleSite, to give you an early head-start (preparation).
You may do the following as practice: 
  • Workbook 1: Revision Test B1
    • Omit Q5, Q6, Q7
  • Workbook 1: Revision Test B2
    • Omit Q2, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8
(4) Consultation during March Vacation
The various consultation channels remain open during the March Vacation:

  • Email
  • Online Chat
  • Facebook Message

This is how your Maths GoogleSite looks like. Refer to the left panel for the various tasks assigned.

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