Wednesday, 16 October 2013

S1-04 Last Reflection for 2013.

Dear S1-04

If there are a hundred steps
In thy path to success
And ye have not reached it
In ninety-nine of them
Do not conclude
That the journey is a failure.
Press on and up...
the prizes are generally at the end of an effort,
not at its beginning...
and not to go on
is to miss them.
Be valiant... have faith in yourself.
Success belongs to him
who dares to win it.
George S. Forest

Indeed it has been my pleasure knowing and teaching you. Be it as a Mathematics teacher or your form teacher. I will forever remember S1-04 with great fondness and awesomeness.

The closure of this academic year would a good time for us to reflect and plan for the following year.

We would like to hear your experience as the feedback would be taken into account when we shape your learning experience, as well as your juniors'.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Number Pattern Question 4

This is our video in which we explained how we got the answers for Q4:

Image of Q4:

                                         Nehal, Chelsea, Eunice and Xue Qin

Number Pattern Question 2 (Kimberly, Lynette & Sabrina)

Kimberly, Lynette and Sabrina from S1-04

(Task) Number Pattern - Explanation of Solution

Objective of Task:
To explain how to solve a 'number pattern' problem by clearing articulating how to draw out patterns (from observation) to come up with a generalised form.

(A) Group Formation:

Each group (of 3-4) is assigned to answer a question in the exercise.
Each group is given an A4 sheet of paper where you would document your working.

[Leaders of each group]
  • Q2: Sabrina
  • Q3: Chester
  • Q4: Nehal
  • Q5: Kenric
  • Q6: Timothy
  • Q7: Luke
(B) What you need to do:
  1. Spend 2 minutes on your own to look through the question and think how you would solve the problem.
  2. Discuss as a group on how to present the solution.
    • You have to think through, how you would explain your thought process so that your train of thoughts is clear to the audience.
  3. Record the explanation (you may 'break' the explanation into several parts).
  4. Take a picture of your solution.
(C) Posting your worked solution
In your post, include the following
  • The video clip(s) - place them in order, and provide a short heading (when appropriate)
  • An image of your worked solution (the question should be included)
  • Include the names of all members in the group
  • Use the subject heading: Number Pattern Question.....
  • Add the label: number pattern
  • Remember to include the names of the members and class at the end of the post
    • e.g. Alabama, Bologna and Colin from S1-04

Number Patterns Question 1

(A) Generalising...

(B) Finding the 10th line...

(C) Finding the value of n...

(D) Calculating square of 199 using the pattern...