Sunday, 28 April 2013


Dear Awesome S104ers

We understand that all of you are in the midst of Revision and are driven to give your best in this upcoming Common Test.

A few words of advice:

  1. Know your syllabus well (refer to the Assessment page and Maths google site which was posted before March holiday)
  2. You have been told before march holiday on the syllabus and the topics that will be tested. Complicated algebraic equations will not be tested even though they have been taught. Statistics note, as mentioned in class, are divided into fundamental primary school revision (initial pages) and further statistics meant for next term although the . The fundamental concept has been given assigned homework via ACE learning during March holiday and will be included in Common Test.  
  3. Get the necessary support by going through the (i) class worksheets again (ii) Maths booklet (iii) examination preparation booklet (iv) supplementary worksheets given in class for practice (v) ACE learning portal and (vi) class Maths blog.
  4. Do call me for consultation if necessary. 
  5. Take good care of your health - remember healthy body is healthy mind

Sunday, 21 April 2013


Go through the following site for greater understanding of the method to solve Linear Equation.


Saturday, 20 April 2013

Revision for Common Test

Dear Students

For your common test preparation, you may wish to use the Sec 1 Exam Preparation Booklet for your revision.

Here are the past year papers & questions that you will find useful:
  • 2012 Level Test 2 (from p74 onwards)
    • Q1, Q2, Q3, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q10, Q11 (omit Q12)
  • 2012 Level Test 3 (p84 onwards)
    • Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q9, Q11 (omit Q8, Q10, Q12)
  • 2012 Level Test 4
    • Q1, Q2, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8(a)
  • 2012 Common Test
    • Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q14
  • ANSWERS to the above papers are available at this GoogleSite: "Assessments: 2013 (S1) Assessment Matters" (left panel)
In addition, please familiarise with the instructions given at the cover page.
Remember: You must attempt all questions in INK.

Please refer to the Maths GoogleSite > Announcements for details of the Common Test that was published since 14 March 2013 (before the March vacation)

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

VIVA VOCE - final submission (urgent please check)

Please check that your submission has been recorded. Failure to submit will constitute penalty (This task as mentioned earlier carries 10%) and parents will be informed.

  1. 3/23/2013 9:45:55 bryan goh hong wei                 Question 2 (Real Numbers)
  2. 3/18/2013 20:49:57 Bryan Lee Xu Zhou                 Question 3 (Algebra)
  3. 3/24/2013 22:51:16 Chow Yu Hin                         Question 1 (Real Numbers)
  4. 3/29/2013 17:27:01 Chua Chester                         Question 4 (Algebra)
  5. 3/29/2013 14:55:31 Ee Xue Qin                         Question 4 (Algebra)
  6. 3/29/2013 22:24:47 Eunice Koo Tze Wen          Question 1 (Real Numbers)
  7. 3/29/2013 14:31:06 Heng Yee Ying Beverly         Question 1 (Real Numbers)
  8. 3/19/2013 17:32:38 Kenric Tan Yi Cong S1-04 Question 3 (Algebra) 3/17/2013 23:28:04 Khairul Aizat Bin Md Halim S1-04 Question 2 (Real Numbers)
  9. 3/19/2013 11:07:30 Khairul Aizat Bin Md Halim Question 2 (Real Numbers)
  10. 3/18/2013 13:47:28 Luke Alexander Nair S1-04 Question 3 (Algebra)
  11. 3/18/2013 16:27:32 mohamad taufiq                     Question 3 (Algebra)
  12. 3/29/2013 17:02:49 Myat Noe Pwint                 Question 3 (Algebra)
  13. 3/16/2013 13:16:58 Nehal Janakraj                     Question 4 (Algebra)
  14. 3/28/2013 21:52:32 Ng Wei Han Ryan              Question 3 (Algebra)
  15. 3/24/2013 22:22:26 Oo Kai Cheng                     Question 1 (Real Numbers)
  16. 3/19/2013 21:23:55 Sabrina Choo Fernandez   Question 1 (Real Numbers)
  17. 3/15/2013 21:34:57 Sean Chiu Yan Ming S1-04 Question 1 (Real Numbers) 3/22/2013 16:03:21 Tan Hong Yi S1-04 Question 2 (Real Numbers) 3/22/2013 16:03:22 Tan Hong Yi S1-04 Question 2 (Real Numbers) 3/22/2013 16:03:22 Tan Hong Yi S1-04 Question 2 (Real Numbers) 3/22/2013 16:03:22 Tan Hong Yi S1-04 Question 2 (Real Numbers)
  18. 3/22/2013 16:03:22 Tan Hong Yi                     Question 2 (Real Numbers)
  19. 3/16/2013 17:01:48 Tan Su Wen Kimberly         Question 3 (Algebra)
  20. 3/19/2013 16:28:01 Tan Yun Ting Lynette         Question 1 (Real Numbers)
The following VIVA is not in the record:

                                                Monday, 8 April 2013

                                                Factorisation using Cross Method - Collaboration


                                                As a group, you will discuss and fatcorise the expressions that are assigned your group (for each collection).

                                                Present your answers neatly on paper, fill up at least half a page.
                                                On the sheet of paper, write down "Collection #1 Q1(a) by Group 1"

                                                Put it up on the notice board at the back of the classroom.

                                                Collection #1: Factorise the following

                                                Group 1: (a)
                                                Group 2: (b)
                                                Group 3: (c)
                                                Group 4: (d)

                                                Collection #2: Factorise the following

                                                Group 1: (g)
                                                Group 2: (h)
                                                Group 3: (i)
                                                Group 4: (j)

                                                Collection #3: Factorise the following

                                                Group 1: (a)(g)
                                                Group 2: (b)(h)
                                                Group 3: (c)(i)
                                                Group 4: (d)(j)

                                                Collection #4: Factorise the following
                                                Group 1: (a)(e)
                                                Group 2: (b)(f)
                                                Group 3: (c)(g)
                                                Group 4: (d)(h)

                                                Source: New Syllabus Mathematics 2 (6th Edition)

                                                Algebra - Cross Method (Aka Shoe Lace Method)

                                                Watch the video clips in the playlist:

                                                The series of clips shows examples of how we can factorise expressions 

                                                Based on observation, are you able to describe the "procedure" clearly to someone who is new to this method?