Friday, 12 July 2013

Math Survey Tabulation (Khairul, Ryan, Timothy, Sabrina, Beverly)


  1. The information was depicted clearly and the questions were relavent. It was easy to understand. Presentation could be beter in terms of conveying the information

  2. 3 strengths -
    1) The presenters were confident and were fluent in their presentation.
    2) Data was well organized and easy to understand.
    3) The data was very precise too.

    1 thing you can improve on.
    1) The presentation became a little boring as the voice was slightly monotonous , so be lively and engage your audience !


  3. They were able to come up with logical reasons as to why the data was the way it was. They were able to overcome the difficulty of not being able to make a histogram. The data was relatively well presented as compared to other methods they could have chosen. They could have improved by maybe adding a question asking why they stayed back after school onto their survey.

  4. The information was displayed very clearly and the questions were relevant. Presentation was fine but should speak louder and tone was montonous. Hence,making it a little boring.

    ~Bryan Lee~

  5. Strengths:
    1) Presented in 2 different ways
    2) The questions were relavant
    3) Presentation is clear and easy to understand

    1) Only one question is asked

    1. Mr Johari said to post the most relevant question, and we actually asked 4. So we posted the most important.

  6. 3 strengths:
    - The pie chart and the bar chart were clear and easy to understand
    -The questions were good and they considered the CCA hours as well.
    -The flow of information was good and the numbers were very precise.

    1 area to improve on:
    -The presentation could be improved on :)

  7. Strengths: The data was well presented and organised. The data was also easy to understand.
    Areas of improvement: Perhaps the presentation could be a little engaging to attract the audience's attention.

  8. 3 strengths:
    1. The pie chart was quite effective in communicating the data that you wish to portray.
    2. The charts offer easy comparison so we know which category has the highest frequency.
    3. The percentages also make it even easier to comprehend as it further emphasises the data collected.
    1 Area for improvement:
    Maybe you could have removed the bar chart as the data was not very accurate.

  9. Strengths:
    1. Data is precise and straight to the point.
    2. Data is well organised.
    3. Can be easily understood.

    1. Presentation was monotonous.

  10. Strengths
    - Different charts to give information so viewer could choose which chart to read.
    - There are keys.
    - Explains the graph clearly
    - Colours do not stand out from each other.

  11. Strengths:
    The data was clear and there and exact.
    The data was represented in a suitable method.
    They presented the data in several different methods.

    Areas of improvement:The presentation was not very clear maybe because it was impromptu, but they were doubting and unsure of what to do.

  12. Strengths:
    Graphs are easily understood and not too crowded.
    Presentation was clear.
    The graphs conveyed the information well.

    You should have used a histogram instead of a bar chart

  13. 1 area of improvement: A unit can be added to the back of the numbers (e.g 0h -1h, 15 students) so that people reading it will be able to understand better.

    3 strengths: The information is displayed clearly and appropriately, the headings are correct and the data displayed is easy to understand.

  14. 3 Strengths:
    - The group created 2 graphs from the data and this allows viewers to better understand.
    - Very precise data
    - Percentage included in data
    something to improve on:
    Pie chart should have different contrast

  15. The pie chart and graph were very easy to understand at a glance.
    The percentages beside make it easier to know what percent of the people surveyed stayed back for how many hours
    The "Including CCA" made it specific.
    You could have wrote the total number of people surveyed.

  16. Strengths:
    1) The presenter(Timothy) is very confident when he was presenting his data.
    2)The group post up two types of charts to the same question, which shows the different ways of showing data.
    3)The questions asked in the survey is relevant to the topic

    The rest of the presenters did not present. Maybe they could divide the work.

  17. STRENGTHS: 1. The BarChart is very clear.
    2. The group had a table which shows the number of hour
    students have to stay back in school.
    3. The group chose Wednesday because they knew that most
    students have to stay back on that day.
    WEAKNESS: 1. They should skip a number so after putting 1-2, they
    should put 3-4, not 2-3.