Friday, 12 July 2013

Math Charts (Chelsea, Kimberly, Lynette, Bryan Goh, Chester, Luke)


  1. Positive: Their representation of data were clear.
    They were accurate.
    Negative: More of the group members could present.

  2. Presentation was a bit soft and words were a bit slurred. Overall, the information was portrayed clearly and the data was relevant.

  3. Good:
    1. Presentation was quite audible.
    2. Data was well classified.
    3. Questions asked were relevant to the topic.

    1. Presentation could be more fluent.

  4. The whole group was there.
    The graphs had many different colours.

    They could use different kinds of graph.
    Could be much louder.

  5. Data was precise, graph was clear and understandable, the way they collect information is also quite good.

    Could work on articulation and voice projection

  6. There are many charts , showing the different ways of presenting the data.
    The charts and simple and easy to understand.
    The presentation was very smooth and i understood the survey and the data well.
    Increase your voice volume as I could not hear from time to time.

  7. 3 good points:
    The data was presented clearly
    They had a variety of questions related to the topic
    The presentation was clear and easy to understand

    1 point to improve on:
    The presenters could speak louder

  8. Data was presented clearly.
    Charts were very accurate.
    There were many questions

    I could not hear them clearly

  9. Presented well, data was relevant, information was easy to understand, the last table was not labelled as to what it means.

  10. Data is presented clearly. The charts were accurate, Presntation was fair enough but I could not hear some of them.

  11. Good Points:
    - The data presented in the tables and graphs is clear
    - The presentation was easy to understand and clear

    Area of Improvement:
    The presenters can articulate and project their voice better so that it would be clearer

  12. Strengths:
    1. The data was clear and easy to understand.
    2. Charts are colourful. It catches the audiences' attention.
    3. Many questions were asked, and they were related to the topic.

    he presenters were a little too soft. Could have been louder.

  13. Strength:
    The data is organised
    The presentation is clear

    areas of improvement:
    They could work on their voice projection