Friday, 12 July 2013

Math survey tabulation (Bryan Lee,Kenric,Sean,Nehal,Myat Noe,Taufiq)


  1. Good Areas:
    - They clearly explained the purpose of conducting the survey
    - Their information from the survey is easy to understand.

    Ares for improvement:
    - nil -

  2. 3 good points:
    The information was very clear.
    The presentation was clear and easy to understand
    They found out why people like their cca and why they do not.

    1 point to improve on:
    They can state the total number of people who did the survey so they can find out the average number of people who like their cca

  3. The data presented was easy to understand,
    The presentation was clear.
    They managed to collect the reasons why students like or dislike their cca.
    Perhaps you could have added the total amount of people that took the survey.

  4. The presentation was clear and I could hear it very clearly.
    The graphs shown were clear and precise.
    The data given was easy to understand.

    Maybe all the group members could present and they could use more than one graph.

  5. Things I like about the presentation:
    1. Info was presented clearly and could be easily understood.
    2. The presenters were confident and their voices were crystal clear.
    3. The charts were done well.

    Things I do not like about the presentation:
    1. The whole group could have presented instead of 2 people.

  6. The graph was clear, presentation was clear, Data can be viewed and comprehended easily.

    The pie chart should have the total number of responses. Could also be more specific when presenting

  7. Good:
    1. Presentation was quite fluent.
    2. Questions asked were related to the topic.
    3. Data was presented clearly.

    Presentation could be more detailed.

  8. The presentation was audible. The presentation was clear. The group can use more than one graph.

  9. strengths:
    -The presenters are confident when they presented.
    -The data/information they put up on the blog is very clear and organised

    Areas for improvement:
    -Maybe the whole group should present instead of only 2 people.

  10. Positives :The presentation was very clear.
    The choices of questions for the topic and how the data was represented is good.

    The could use different graphs to represent the data.

  11. Strengths:
    1. The presenters were clear about their data.
    2. The data was clear and easy to understand.
    3. The presenters were loud and clear.

    1. They could have stated how many people took part in the survey.

  12. Strengths:
    1. Data presented clearly
    2. Good presentation
    3. Data was easy to understand

    1. You could have used different forms of presentation, e.g: Bar graph, etc

  13. 3 Good Points:
    -Information is presented in the appropriate graphs
    -Information is easy to comprehend
    -Presenters were clear in explaining their findings

    1 Area of improvement
    -More people could have presented together

  14. Strengths:
    Data is presented clearly
    Presentation is loud and clear
    Data is easy to understand
    "Region 1" can be changed to "number of students" instead

  15. 3 strengths: Data presented clearly, Presentation is easy to understand, Managed to find out why people like/dislike their CCAs
    I don't quite understand how finding out the number of pupils in each level helps.