Friday, 12 July 2013

Math survey tabulation (Kaicheng, Qayyum, Hong Yi, Xue Qin, Yu Hin and Eunice.)


  1. I think for the pie chart, the title should be; on average how many times you eat in the canteen in a typical school day. Shall we also provide the number of people surveyed? Although you can tell from the tables, I think it would be better of we could include that. We also need to explain 10 is the best and 1 is the worst for the bar chart. The table for the pie chart also do not look correct. The first row should be the number of times, the second row should be the number of people.

  2. It was a clear presentation with data clearly portrayed. The voice projection was good but the use of um could be lesser

    1. Also, the presenters were confident in their presentation which captivated the audience till the end of the presentation. Other than that, It is great.

  3. Graph was a little clear, presentation whole group was up, the way they portray information is clear.

    Could work on voice projection and maybe everyone should have a turn presenting.

  4. The presentation was very clear and the data was veryh clear. The voice projection was good and clear

  5. Deduction was relevant, Questions were purposeful and beneficial, presentation was pleasant
    . The bar graph the question is actually "What would you rate the food in the canteen*"

  6. 1) Data is well presented , clear and concise.
    2) Type or chart (eg. Bar chart , pie chart) is appropriate and makes presents the information with greater simplicity.
    3) Presenters and confident and know their stuff
    You could possibly add the total number of people who took the survey so that we can have a better idea of the survey and stuff , and you can find the average too.

  7. The data was portrayed clearly.
    Each presenter took turns to present.

    2 of the presenters moved their hands too much. It was distracting

  8. The presentation was clear and easy to understand.
    They managed to link their charts and information together.
    They could have added the total amount of people that took the survey

  9. Used different forms of presentation, relevant points, clear presentation

  10. 3 good points:
    The data was presented clearly.
    The number of people in the 2nd pie chart could be stated in the piechart for easier reference.
    The presentation was loud and easy to understand

    1 point to improve on:
    They could state the total number of people who took the survey so they can find out on average how many people like the canteen food

  11. Strengths:
    The presentation was loud and clear.
    The data is displayed clearly
    The data is easy to understand
    The explaining of data could be more organized during the presentation

  12. Strengths:
    1. Presentation was clear.
    2. Gave reasons on why people might rate the canteen food low.
    3. The presenters were confident in their presentation.

    Cold have spoken louder.

  13. 3 Good points:
    -Information is clear
    -Easy to comprehend and compare
    -Good conclusion of data

    1 Area for improvement:
    -Presenters could have been more prepared to articulate their thoughts better

  14. I could understand their presentation and could hear them really clearly. I think everyone in the group should have a chance to comment.

  15. The whole group was there to present.
    The graph was clear and they used more than one kind of graph.

    Could be loader.