Sunday, 28 July 2013



                                                   Task 1
A visitor to SST from one of the GCP schools wanted to know the direction from SST to NLB @ Clementi.

Without using any GPS and technological based tools provide a concise direction to the venue.

He is travelling alone and plans to walk to the destination.

You direction should bring him to the doorstep.
Post your direction as a comment in this blog

Task 2
With your group, brainstorm and suggesting a possible solution to the following scenario. Post your solution as a comment.

Scenario: You are lost at sea drifting aimlessly with water supply and a bar of magnet. Suggest how you could find direction to find land. What could be most useful a equipment for you to have at that moment, Why?


  1. Option 1: Place the magnet on cork on still water and let it turn to point to the poles. Follow the direction heading north/south till you find land.

    Option 2: Suspend the magnet on a thread/string and let it turn to point North-South direction and follow one of the directions till you find land.

    The most useful equipment is the magnet. The magnet helps to point us to either North or South, which would allow us to travel in the same direction until we reach land.

    Chelsea, Kimberly, Chester

  2. Task 2: We happened to chance upon a driftwood. We poked a hole through , and inserted the magnet in, making sure that the magnet sticks out from both ends. We make the driftwood float in the bucket of water and let it spin like a compass to point towards north/south. That way we can find land.
    The most useful equipment to have at the moment is the world map. We will able to guess roughly where we are from where the ship capsized. From there, we can pinpoint our location and know which direction to head to for land.
    ~Timothy & Sabrina

  3. Answer: We need a oar, then we proceed to use the magnet to form a makeshift compass and find the north and south. We will then travel east or west as you are more likely to find land, if we follow north or south, we may end up in a cold region and die. (Task 2)

    Yu Hin, Xueqin, Kai Cheng (Group 1B)

  4. Task 2 : Group A [Sean + Taufiq + Kenric]

    Step 1 : Tear off a small section of the boat , slightly larger than the magnet.
    Step 2: Using a bowl , scoop a few cups of water into a closed off section of the boat , enough space to keep the magnet aflot in the later steps , and to ensure there is space to turn too.
    Step 3: After the water is poured , place the chunk of wood into the water and ensure that it is floating steadily.
    Step 4: Finally , place the magnet gently onto the chunk of wood so that it is floating gently on the wood. The magnet should spin for a while , but soon will end up in the North-South direction.
    Step 5: Now knowing which direction is North / South , use the Map that Mr Johari sent you to head in a direction of land.
    Step 6: Survive on your supply of water and hope that Mr Johari will send food too.
    Step 7: Land safely after finding land and save yourself.
    :D You*re welcome.

  5. Task 1:
    Step 1: Start at the general office (facing right).
    Step 2: Walk straight to the gate.
    Step 3: Turn right, walk a few metres and turn left.
    Step 4: Walk across the zebra crossing.
    Step 5: turn right and walk a few metres.
    Step 6: Turn left and walk to the traffic light.
    Step 7: Cross the road and walk to the next traffic light.
    Step 8: Cross the road and turn right.
    Step 9: Walk along the pavement until you reach Clementi mall. You should see a Mosque on the opposite side of the road when you start walking.
    Step 10: Enter clementi mall and take escalator up to level 5.
    Step 11: Turn left and walk to Popular Bookshop.
    Step 12: Turn right and walk to the library.

    ~Ryan Ng Wei han & Khairul Aizat Bin Md Halim

  6. Task 1: Group B [Nehal, Myat Noe, Bryan Lee]

    Step 1: Head south on Technology Dr toward Commonwealth Ave West

    Step 2: Turn left onto Commonwealth Ave West

    Step 3: Make a U-turn

    Afterwards, take an escalator to the fitfh storey, walk along popular bookstore to reach the NLB Clementi.

  7. Task 1:
    1. Exit by the gate nearest to the bus stop
    2. Turn right onto commonwealth avenue west
    3. Walk till the Masjid Darussalam Mosque.
    4. Cross the road.
    5. Continue walking straight
    6. After walking past Raffles Hospital Pte.Ltd. Continue walking straight to Clementi MRT station.
    7. Take the escalator up and walk straight to enter Clementi Mall.
    8. Take the escalator in Clementi Mall to the fifth floor.
    9. Turn left and walk until you see Popular bookstore
    10. Turn right and walk straight past the playground
    11. You should reach Clementi Mall NLB.

    Bryan Goh Luke Lynette