Monday, 7 January 2013


by Mr Johari

How would you envision the Maths experience in SST is going to be like... 

(a) In what way do you think learning would l
ook like in our Maths classroom?

(b) How could you contribute to a conducive and encouraging
learning environment?

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  1. I hope it will be interesting. I'll be paying attention.First to comment again! Yay!

  2. (a) I think it would be filled with interesting and nice looking mathematical instruments .

    (b) I will be contributing as much as i can in class and pay attention to the person who is talking.

  3. I think it will be interesting.
    I can teach people a to solve a question if they do not know how to.

  4. (a):I think it would be different from normal lessons and it would be more engaging. We will be able to learn with fun and joy.

    (b):I will be paying attention and contributing by giving ideas and asking questions to learn more.

  5. much more divorce and hopefully including things out of syllabus.
    b) perhaps encourage with lots and lots of competitions. students are always enthusiastic about competitions. 4th!

  6. Learning in our math class will be interesting and unique . I hope that it will be a time of awesome learning ! I also expect to see like math formulas and math stuff like hanged around the class for decoration (but take them down when we are having exams ) . For example chemistry classrooms always have periodic tables .
    I think i can contribute to a conducive and encouraging learning environment by firstly following all rules set by Mr Johari and try and help my classmates with questions or things that they do not know how to do .

  7. I hope that the class will be interesting and fun at the same time.

    I will always lend a helping hand to those who have problems in solving some of the questions

  8. I think it would be interesting and maybe there could be some posters on the wall with the formulas to question.
    I would ask when I don't know and help explain when I do know.

  9. I think that learning would look like a very awesome class during maths and to contribute to a conductive and encouraging learning environment, I think that we can contribute when contributions are needed and let one person talk at a time

  10. Very in depth. but interesting and funny. (Since Mr Johari likes to joke)
    Participate actively in class discussions and project.

  11. a) I think it would be interesting and engaging.
    b) By participating more in class activities.

  12. a) I think learning would look like everyone is enjoying maths lesson and achieving good results
    b) I can contribute by paying attention and contributing more.

  13. I think it would be interesting, fun and awesome.
    I'll pay attention and not speak when someone else is speaking.

  14. Interesting yet in-depth and humorous.
    Participate in most class activities and take part in all lessons.

  15. a)I hope the Math classroom will be equipped with math equipments for our easy access. That way, we might be able to learn the concepts better.
    b)we can voice out our ideas by maybe writing our ideas on stickies and pasting it in a corner of the classroom for other pupils to read them. This way, the study time will not be used to share their opinions.

  16. (a) I think it will be interesting and a bit hard to understand:/
    (b) I will try my best to help people who don't understand

  17. a) Have math group activities to make the lesson interesting.
    b) I would try my best to participate actively in class/ group discussions and of course, I will pay attention.

  18. a)I think it'll be exciting and interesting.
    b)I will give my opinions

  19. a) i hope the lessons are interesting and funny :) maybe some simple math formuals/ equations around the classroom?
    b)I will listen while others are talking and try to take the imitative to participate as much as possible

  20. (a) In what way do you think learning would look like in our Maths classroom?
    - I hope that Mathematics lessons would be fun as Mr Jo (as I would like to call him) is very funny but serious at the same time.

    (b) How could you contribute to a conducive and encouraging learning environment?
    - I would always be paying attention to the lessons and be quiet when the teacher is talking.

  21. (a) I think it would be interesting and fun.
    (b) I would keep quiet, pay attention, follow instructions and always give our 100%