Saturday, 19 January 2013

6 AM Quiz: Bridge Crossing

The 6 AM Quiz is a platform to engage those who would like to seek deeper exploration and understanding of selected topics. It is therefore not compulsory.

Solve your puzzle and present the possible solution in the Comments
While you tried to solve the puzzle, what mathematical knowledge and skills did you apply to solve the problem?


  1. 1 and 3 cross first. 1 comes back. Then 8 and 12 cross. 3 comes back. 1 and 6 will then cross. And 1 will come back. Then 3 and 1 will cross.

    You will always want the fastest one to cross back while the slower 2 cross over together. So get the 2 fastest people to cross then the faster of the 2 to cross back. Later send the slower 2 across and the fastest of the 3 back. And so on. :)

    -Kimberly Tan (08)

  2. Alright Kimberly the first to respond.
    Please note the term 6 am does not imply it must be done at 6 am. This is an additional activity to facilitate your understanding.

  3. First 1 and 6 cross. Then 1 goes back. 1 crosses again with three. 1 goes back. 8 and 12 go next. 3 comes back. 1 and 3 cross again.
    The faster of the two cross so as to reduce time taken for the reverse trip. Also the slower two should go together so as to save time. For the first cross try to get the third most time consuming and fastest person together. Only make the two slowest person cross when there is a fast one on the other side.

    Aliff Qayyum (10) S1-04