Wednesday, 6 February 2013


This is a class collaborative work. You are required to work in groups of not more than 3 students.

Topic: ARITHMETIC, Numbers - Fractions and Decimals

To demonstrate your understanding of the concepts through clear articulation on your approach to solve a problem.

Instructions (I):
  • This is a collaborative task. You are to complete the viva voce practice with your team between 2 to 3 members.
  • It will also help you to seek and articulate your understanding of concepts as you attempt to explain your approach and solution to the problem.
  • You should not take more than 20 minutes to complete the entire task.

Instructions (II):
  • Choose ONE question 
    • Two questions are presented below. Read through carefully. 
    • Identify a question that you think is challenging but manageable. 
    • Do not go for the easiest question.
  • Plan 
    • Work out the solution on a piece of paper and think through how you would explain the solution. 
    • Explaining your solution does not mean simply read out the lines of the working, but inform the audience how you identify the key information, the method you use, and how the method works (e.g. begin the repeated division using the smallest prime number because...)
  • Recording
    • Use any application/ platform (e.g. QuickTime Player, imovie etc) that is suitable to record your solution. 
    • Remember to keep the file size small.
  • Submission of work
    • Post your video clip in the submit folder

Deadline:  13 February 2013, 2359h

Source of questions: ACE Learning

Question 1: 

 Question 2: 

Grading will be based on
Part 1: Problem Solving Skills and Strategies
Part 2: Concept and Mathematical Communication

Sample work: 
Please click here to view a sample1.

and here to view sample 2 done by your seniors.

S1-04 at work

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