Thursday, 29 August 2013

Scenario 1, Direct and Inverse Proportions.

Scenario 1

It is the December holidays and you have decided to apply for part-time work at the fast food outlet, MacDonalds. The pay is $4 per hour.

1.What is the relationship between the number of hours worked and the amount earned ?
I earn $4 after working for 1 hour.

3. Graph of the line
The equation of the line : y=4x

4.Work out the last row of the table. The first one is given to you :
y/x: 4/1=4  :  8/2=4  : 12/3=4 : 4/16 =4  :  20/5=4

(i) Write down what y/x represents in your own words.
y/x represents the total amount of money earned divided by the total number of hours that I work for.

(ii) What do you notice about the numerical value of y/x? Draw Conclusions from (3) and (4i).
y/x always equal to $4.

Putting it all together.
This is a direct proportion, as when y increases, x increases. As X and Y are in a constant ratio.

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